The foundation

ITS Tourism Foundation and Cultural Activity

Touristic activity is constantly growing, accommodation capacity is struggling to keep up and enhancement of cultural heritage requires the professional use of specialised resources and preparation in the field of new technologies applied to hospitality. ITS Foundation for Tourism and Culture intends to play a central role on the territorial promotion system, in its many facets. It is not only a training which is able to respond to market demands, but also a real service to the region, an institution able to stimulate the market itself towards a technological and methodological innovation.

The high quality and regional location of the partnership is extremely favorable to a widespread dissemination of the Foundation's activities in the Piedmont area; each shareholder, founder or participant will finish with, in addition to the specific skills that characterize its activities, a network of stakeholders. The strong corporate representation will enable the Foundation to become an important point of connection between education and the world of work, facilitating the identification of the needs of the sector.

Among the objectives: a strong interconnection between tourism and the development of artistic and cultural heritage, devoted vanguard of ICT solutions, local involvement and excellence training to prepare professionals of the future.

The ultimate goal of the new ITS will be to train a new generation of tourist and cultural workers, capable of, not only of knowing how to use innovative techniques and tools, but also to influence the processes according to the area in which they operate. Students will have to apply to be apart of the excellence of Italian and European territorial marketing and hospitality in the near future, and will already be accustomed to operating in an evolving global context.

What is ITS?

High technological specialization school

The Technical High Schools are "highly specialized technological schools", created to fulfill the demand of new companies and high technical and technological skills. The courses of Foundation are developed and manufactured according to the needs of the surrounding area.

Creating technicians in strategic technology areas for economic development and competitiveness, and make up the non-university tertiary education segment.

Post-secondary education segment, lasting two years. 1800 hours of which at least 30% is spent doing internships in companies.

50% of teachers from the world of work

Access to the courses through selection.

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