The course

Senior technician for the promotion and marketing of tourism and cultural activities

A Senior Technician for the promotion and marketing of tourism and cultural activities is the core manager and coordinator of activities and projects, paying particular attention to the analysis of the territorial context, with the objective of integrating and enhancing tourism development of the territory. It involves planning, managing and overseeing promotional activities in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with the institutional manager; defining, implementing, and sharing them with public and private personnel, using the necessary marketing actions; planning and coordinating the method of monitoring the results of the actions made for the promotion and marketing.

Course overview

  • Subjects 12
  • Duration 1800 hours
  • Subjects

    This field of study is devoted to knowledge of the tourism sector. Students, together with the basic skills related to tourism, will be taught the knowledge needed to properly define a plan of action, and recognize the special characteristics and the relevant regulations related to different areas of the tourism world.
    Subjects covered: Italian and international market, Geography, Regulations and Legislation.

    A complete overview of the hospitality and accommodation situation currently present on a national and international level and their possible future developments.
    An analysis of the current market and its prospects will be presented; analysis of all types of hospitality and organizational models: hotel business, non-hotel activities, outdoor complexes, agritourism activities- without overlooking the issue of sustainable, accessible and responsible tourism. As for hospitality, we will analyse the operational roles within the hospitality industry and management tools to support the activities.

    This module aims to deepen knowledge of the market for Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and to analyse the advantages of intermediation and disintermediation. Learn skills to be commercially effective when meeting with potentially interested parties, maximising the fruition of tourism products. In-depth explanation of the language used in the touristic business context, referring to both interpersonal relationships and professional. The course focuses on techniques for communicating the product / service and tourism in the study of Tour Operators.

    This module aims to convey the knowledge needed to guide the market, focusing its business strategy on consumer needs, structuring market research aimed at both domestic and abroad destinations, understanding development of company / market relationship and applying basic operational marketing tools linked to the tourism sector. First, obtain the basis of the promotion, marketing and customer loyalty, with an eye on public relations and the press office operation, then move on to the study and marketing declination in every fundamental aspect: operational, strategic, analytical, territorial and, of course, the web.

    This module will address the field of the use of ICT applied to the tourism sector. Not only will you study in depth topics such as management, processing spreadsheets and text sheets, browsing, e-mail management and pricing, but also learn to analyse case histories and the reference market for the start up of the year, an overview of the hardware and innovative systems applied to the tourist market will be presented, such as: iot, wearable, cloud, beacon. The course also touches on the theme of Augmented Reality (AR) and the future development of Virtual Reality (VR) for innovative promotion.

    The hours of this module will be dedicated to the introduction of the principles of economy and business management related to the tourism sector, according to the principles of quality. It covers skills and knowledge related to project management and addresses regulatory and administrative issues so that students can understand and use fiscal and tax documents. It also focuses on benchmarking activities and revenue management.

    Formulation of the finale thesis.

    The module orientation proposes training activities aimed at the personal and social development of the student in a workplace environment.

    This matter is proposed as a goal to pass the student a language proficiency level C1.
    The module aims to have students achieving a language proficiency level of C1.

    This module aims to have students achieve basic linguistic competence.

    Mandatory training 81/2008.

    With reference to the professional sector of belonging, this module aims to spread the core values of equal treatment between men and women, both in society and in the labor market.